Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make the least believable high schoolers ever in “21 Jump Street”

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So, here is where I reveal my age: I have never seen the original 21 Jump Street. But I know enough to understand that it was about a young Johnny Depp playing a cop playing a high-school student. But I assume he looked, uh… at least somewhat believable? Because the big-screen remake isn't really selling the whole "cop undercover as a teenager" business.

IMDb vindicates me: Depp was twenty-four when the show started, Tatum and Hill are thirty-one and twenty-seven, respectively. But at least this trailer — and, I assume by extension, the movie — knows how silly it is, considering the jokes about how Tatum looking forty. (I'd peg him at a solid thirty-five, myself.) Besides the self awareness, though, there is actually a litany of reasons I will see this movie:

1. Despite myself, I think Channing Tatum is hot.

2. Ellie Kemper.

3. Dave Franco.

4. Ron Fucking Swanson.

Can those three, normally very funny and trustworthy people, make such a huge mistake? Tell me, those of you who've actually seen the original: how does this trailer compare?