Joseph Gordon-Levitt possibly cast in The Dark Knight Rises

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Deadline reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt may join the cast of Christopher Nolan's next Batman sequel, The Dark Knight Rises. I'm pretty ambivalent about Nolan — I thought Batman Begins was fun, but The Dark Knight was an adolescent muddle elevated by one great performance, and Inception was about as dreamlike as an Excel sheet. That said, if there's one constant in contemporary filmmaking, it's this: adding Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes movies better. He totally killed in Brick and Mysterious Skin, and, hey, he even managed to sneak a little humor into the more or less joyless Inception. Okay, I'll stop baiting you now. Bottom line, a Levitt picture is good news whether you're looking forward to the next Batman movie or not. No word yet on who he'd play if the rumor's true.