Kevin Costner will join “Django Unchained” cast as the sadistic villain

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Summer movies are getting bleaker and bleaker (Captain America, ugh), and so you need some good news about exciting movies in the offing. Kevin Costner will join the ranks of some over-the-hill actors (and Quentin Tarantino!) in Django Unchained, the spaghetti western set to blow our minds in 2012. 

Now, before you say anything, Costner himself is definitely not "over-the-hill." He's also set to play Superman's dad in the upcoming Man of Steel. And remember how he had that machine that was going to help clean up the oil spill on the Gulf Coast? He's definitely been doing… stuff. But this has to be the most exciting project for him in recent years, since he's set to play a bad guy. And not just any bad guy — a Quentin Tarantino bad guy.

Costner's role is that of Ace Woody, a "sadistic trainer of the male fighting slaves who entertain the white patrons at Candyland." He'll be on the same racist psycho team as Leonardo DiCaprio. As someone who loves revenge movies more than anything, I'm very excited by this news. Seeing Costner's smug mug (hopefully Tarantino will get him to shave that soul patch) and Leo's smarmy smirk get their bloody, probably perverted comeuppance from Jamie Foxx will be so much fun.