Kevin Smith refusing to do any press for new film “Red State”

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Kevin Smith has never been known as a huge fan of the press — when critics savaged his film Cop Out he compared it to "bullying a retarded kid," which isn't inappropriate at all — and it seems like he hasn't changed his tune now that his new horror film, Red State, is coming closer to its release. Smith took to Twitter to announce that he wouldn't do a single press junket for the the film, but that's okay because he would be doing hours of podcasts that would answer every possible question anyway. Here's his whole Twitter rant, via /Film:

I’m not press-junketing at all, anywhere. In fact, I’m not doing any press outside of maybe a business piece or 2 to help sell the flick if needed, & radio (LOTS of radio). That’s what is about: I’m providing all the information needed to write a story, if that’s what you’re looking to do. It’s INSANELY detailed, and by the time we’re done, I’ll have pre-answered all questions about RedState – thus negating the need to speak with me about it. From nearly 20 yrs experience, I know this much: folks are gonna write WHATEVER they want, whether I sit down with them or not. So I’ll just furnish all the information I’d normally serve up one at a time to a small, jaded audience that doesn’t really give a shit unless there’s someone famous in the room, to a much larger, APPRECIATIVE audience that would actually enjoy & benefit from hearing the same information. And thus far, it’s been working out great. Folks that wanna write about RedState pull from the podcasts, folks that don’t wanna but have to (so as not to seem behind the curve or a day late & dollar short in this information-is-currency culture) are doing what they lazily always do: pulling from the OTHER blogs that actually did their homework. Sometimes, their Google searches take ‘em back to the earliest stories (like back when DermotMulroney was sort of briefly mentioned once) & it shows up in their current posting, exposing their sloppy work ethic (which, they’ll accuse me of having in MY work, without a hint of irony). So rather than subject all involved to a painful waste of resources, time & money, I’m doing the RedStateOfTheUnion Q&A’s. It’s kind of like an audio press kit. We’re even transcribing them now, for the SUPER lazy writers who’ve already bitched about having to wade through 12 hours of audio so they can write knowledgeably about a subject. Nobody needs to talk to me anymore anyway, as anyone who’s curious can always know what I’m thinking 24/7 right here on Twitter. Besides – the REALLY interesting story in RedState isn’t me; it’s MichaelParks. Or JohnGoodman. Or MelissaLeo. Or the ENTIRE cast. Or s’about how @ThatDavidKlein CRUSHED it.

Ugh. Sure, there are film critics and other writers who do sloppy work or have a story in mind before they start asking questions, but come on. You don't have to be "jaded" to dislike Cop Out or Jersey Girl, Kevin! Stop making it so hard for me to think of you as the Kevin Smith who showed up on Degrassi and made Dogma.

Hopefully Smith isn't shooting his own movie in the foot here — Red State looks intriguing; I'm sure it could use more press.