Kim Cattrall has no time for journalist’s “stupid” bikini wax question

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Kim Cattrall

The New York Post is once again getting called out for its occaisonal inanity, but this time by an unlikely source: Kim Cattrall, who objected to a "stupid" bikini wax question on the red carpet. 

The red carpet of what, you wonder? As we've told you once before, Cattrall's starring in Meet Monica Velour, a little movie in which she plays an "out-of-shape porn star." This leaves open the possibility that the reporter's question was relevant to the event — or at least it would have if the reporter had ever seen the movie.  

The actress picked on the news girl when she asked what the Sex & The City star thought was "a stupid question" about her grooming habits. Cattrall raged, "That's a stupid question. You're a smart girl. How could you want to write that?"

She then started to blast gossip columns and told the reporter that she should work for a respected organization like "Roybers"; when it was suggested she meant news agency Reuters, Cattrall chuckled and replied, "Yeah, sorry, I've been drinking."

The reporter then confessed to not having seen the film, which prompted an enraged Cattrall to storm off after stating, "Why are you even here?"

So who's in the wrong here — a journalist who doesn't have time to watch the movies of each and every celebrity she talks to, or a tipsy actress who thinks that Roybers is an international news agency and not a word she made up? We report, you decide.