Kirsten Dunst’s von Trier-related discomfort becomes internet art

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Kirsten Dunst, who fell off the radar a bit after the Spider-Man movies, now seems poised for a comeback; critics are praising her performance in Lars von Trier's Melancholia, for which she just won Best Actress at Cannes.

Perhaps you've heard some other news recently related to Lars von Trier, Melancholia, and Cannes, but what? Uh… yes, right, von Trier said he was a Nazi. For Rich Juzwiak (blogger at fourfour and senior editor at, Dunst's response to those remarks constituted an even better performance than she gave in the movie. To commemorate same, Juzwiak assembled this wall of animated GIFs, which finds Dunst's body language screaming discomfort and a weird kind of grace. It's pretty mesmerizing. A still image is above, but be sure to check out the link for the full animated effect.