Sports event plays theme from Borat instead of Kazakh national anthem

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On the long list of televised national anthem fails, this one ranks pretty damn high: at a recent sporting event in Kuwait, Kazakh athletes were left fuming after organizers accidentally played the fake national anthem from 2006's Borat instead of their actual national anthem, titled "My Kazakhstan."

The offending tune was played (above) while Kazakh athlete Maria Dmitrenko accepted her gold medal for placing first in the 75 target event at the 10th Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait. Instead of hearing "My Kazakhstan," a song that proudly describes her homeland's "sky of golden sun" and "steppe of golden seed," Dmitrenko listened patiently as she heard her country being praised for their potassium exports and their prostitutes, who are purported to be the "second-cleanest in the region."

After complaining to the event's organizers, the Kazakh athletes received an apology, and the correct song was played during a re-shooting of the ceremony. The Kazakh Foreign Ministry, which decried Borat's depiction of Kazakhstan when the film was released in 2006, has assured outraged Kazakhs that it would be investigating the mix-up, which was apparently caused by someone downloading the wrong song from the Internet.

Totally understandable, Kuwaiti Arab Shooting Championship organizers; I can't tell you how many times I've tried to search for Cher's cover of "Mr. Soul" on Spotify, only for it to come up with the Neil Young version, so I get where you guys are coming from. Let's just hope that when this whole thing blows over, the Kazakhs will let bygones be bygones; and we Yanks will try to do the same at the London Olympics, when some befuddled Brit puts this on in lieu of "The Star-Spangled Banner":