Lars von Trier: Kirsten Dunst was lucky I didn’t make her masturbate

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Director Lars von Trier is infamous for putting his leading ladies through the wringer during film shoots — just think of Bjork, who starred in his Dancer In The Dark and actually swore off acting after her experience with him. So it's only natural that everyone wondered just how hard he went on Kirsten Dunst during the making of Melancholia, especially considering Dunst's previous roles involved such emotionally devastating tasks as playing a perky cheerleader and lounging around Versailles in impossibly beautiful clothing.

But according to von Trier in an interview with Empire, she dodged a bullet:

“I think that Kirsten got off FAR too easy. FAR too easy,” he laughs. “She was not dragged through any masturbation. She had a very smooth ride, I would say. But she did an extremely good job.”

It's amazing how there is nothing even the slightest bit erotic about the phrase "dragged through masturbation," isn't it? Von Trier also goes on to say that the new film will expose audiences to his more "romantic" side, in the sense that everyone in the film is going to die. See, everyone? The end of the world doesn't have to be so freaking depressing.