Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover leaks

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If you think both Playboy and Lindsay Lohan are still highly relevant in contemporary American culture, then it's imperative that you check out Lilo doing her very best sexy face on the January/February 2012 Playboy cover. Although she planned on debuting the cover on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show next week, some highly enterprising individual leaked it on the Internet today, to the delight of snarky bloggers and pervy former Freaky Friday fans everywhere. 

The cover, which features Lilo covering her nudie bits with a mod Playboy bunny chair, pays homage to the cover of the October 1971 issue, which was the first to feature an African-American model by herself. Her rep assures her fans that the pictorial in the issue — which hits newsstands late December — is "absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay" (though probably not as many sides as the actual photos let us see — RIM SHOT THANKS I'LL BE HERE ALL WEEK TRY THE LAMB). 

Although Lohan was reportedly paid $1 million for the photo shoot, considering her recent legal troubles and her highly publicized personal issues, something tells me that I'm going to have to side with The View's Joy Behar on this one. After seeing the leaked cover and hearing founder Hugh Hefner's remark that the photos were "classy," Behar commented, "What's more classy than a confused, drug-addicted girl naked?" Come back to us, Lindsay! We need our fave teen queen back, 'cause those boring-ass Fanning sisters just aren't cutting it for us.