Links: James Franco and Anne Hathaway to co-host the Academy Awards

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James Franco and Anne Hathaway

James Franco and Anne Hathaway will co-host the Academy Awards this year. Which, actually, doesn't sound so bad. At least they're both pretty. 

Angry Birds — your favorite app / the reason you wish you owned an iPhone — has gone Christmasy. So now you can attack evil pigs with bird-missiles wearing Santa hats. And who doesn't want to do that? 

What's more fun than naked women? Naked women getting up to crazy shenanigans. Here's a whole list of times that's happened. 

Sarah Palin said that the WikiLeaks dump was Obama's fault. Which is silly and predictable and perhaps not even that interesting — but somehow, today, as a member of the internet, I feel obligated to write about it. 

And finally, George Bush taunted Mark Zuckerberg today at a Q&A at Facebook headquarters. Why is not exactly clear, but it's pretty funny to imagine.