Links: Sacha Baron Cohen to star in the movie version of a book written by Saddam Hussein

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Sacha Baron Cohen in Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen will star in an upcoming comedy based on a book presumed to have been written by Saddam Hussein. Last year, Cohen was tapped to play Freddie Mercury in a Queen biopic. Could there be two people in the world less similar than Freddie Mercury and Saddam Hussein?  

The "It Gets Better" campaign, kicked off by Dan Savage last fall, has been turned into a music video. I know this feels like old news, but you should watch this — it's really funny.  

After realizing the woman who raised her was not her mother, this twenty-year-old woman tracks down the parents she was stolen from — in  a crazy, real-life Annie scenario that manages to be kind of heart-warming.  

This Republican is hoping to run for president in 2012. If this 2006 campaign ad of his is indication, he's also a fucking nut.

And finally, this is a Cliffs' Notes-style rundown of some stalwarts of romantic comedy. Which you can use to learn-up for date night, or to quietly reminisce about movies you pretend you've never seen.