Listen: Movie theater incorporates ejected texter’s angry voicemail into PSA

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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas is the flagship location of a cool, indie chain of movie theaters scattered throughout the state, frequented by hipsters and other cinephiles. You can even have a brew and dinner delivered right to your seat. But when Alamo owner Tim League founded the first theater back in 1997, he was adamant about one thing: when a movie is playing, anyone yakking will be sent packing. League wrote on the Alamo Blog, "We adopted our strict no-talking policy back in 1997. Follow our rules, or get the hell out and don't come back until you can."

This is a welcome policy for moviegoers familiar with the theater rage that can result from annoying behavior in a confined space. The Alamo is known for their quirky series of "Don't Talk or Text" PSAs that run before movies, often featuring celebrities. (Like the one with George Romero warning the audience he'd turn them into zombies if they didn't keep quiet.)

The theater got some creative revenge with their most recent PSA, which features a profanity-laced voicemail tirade from an unidentified female patron, who was recently ejected without a refund after continuing to text after twice being warned not to. The girl makes a lame excuse about using her phone as a flashlight to find her seat, and claims it was on silent and wasn't bothering anybody, as if people are happy just to ignore the glare and glow of a cell phone.

So the theater gets the last laugh, now running the PSA before R-rated movies, and while the girl would probably like to forget the incident, this probably ensures that she will always remember the Alamo.