Looks like this Americanized “Akira” movie is actually happening

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The fate of the live-action Akira movie has long been uncertain, possibly because of the fact that no one wants it to happen. (Or maybe just normal production issues, like losing a director and having its budget slashed. But that first possibility is still true.) It's an obviously bad idea for several reasons, perhaps the biggest being the studio's plan to move the setting from Tokyo to New York City and whitewash the entire cast. ("We really love the source material, it's just super, everything about it is great, but is there any way it could be less Asian? That would work better for us." — Warner Bros. studio exec.)

That the film was languishing in production hell was a sign that maybe everyone would just step away from what is bound to be a horrible stillbirth of a film, but no: Warner Brothers is committed to making this crappy film, goddamn it!

Warner Bros. has greenlit its live-action remake of the anime cult hit "Akira" for a late February/early March start, sources tell Variety.

In July, Warners tapped Spanish helmer Jaume Collet-Serra ("Unknown" ) to direct at a budget of $90 million, which was brought down from an initial figure of well over $100 million. Where the budget stands now isn't clear, and Warner Bros. had no comment on the project.

With a greenlight in place, studio can begin shopping for the two male leads; sources tell Variety that "Tron: Legacy" star Garrett Hedlund is considered a front-runner. Both Warners and Collett-Sera have been keen on the thesp, but had to wait for a greenlight to make their move.

Wow, you got the director from a movie no one saw and you want the mannequin from Tron: Legacy to be the star? Can I please buy all the tickets to this movie right now? Because it really sounds like you have a massive hit on your hands, Warner Brothers!