Malin Akerman replaces Lindsay Lohan in Linda Lovelace biopic

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Lindsay Lohan cannot catch a break, can she? After returning to rehab recently for what seems like the hundredth time (but is actually more like the fifth), Lohan has lost the role of Linda Lovelace in the biopic Inferno, which was meant to be her comeback project. (Inferno, you might recall, is the one that features a scene of almost bestiality and has that sex-crime-y poster.) Director Matthew Wilder had already revealed that there was a back-up plan in place if Lohan couldn't fulfill their needs, and that back-up plan seems to be Watchmen star Malin Akerman.

Wilder apparently announced the decision on his Facebook profile, though it's currently private so we'll have to take The Wrap's word for it. He did, however, change his profile picture to a shot of Akerman as Silk Spectre in Watchmen, which I actually find kind of creepy but hey, I'm not the director here. Seems like Akerman is having that moment that seemed all but promised after her time in yellow spandex. Will she have the dramatic chops to pull off the Lovelace role? And, more importantly, will you all go see it?