Matthew McConaughey designed his very own assless chaps for Magic Mike

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While it could be argued that there's already enough to be excited about with Channing Tatum's upcoming male stripper film Magic Mike, there is, in fact, much more to the story. Apparently, co-star Matthew McConaughey went so far as to design the assless leather chaps the role required of him. 

In a recent interview, when confronted about his character's reported preference for leather pants sans ass fabric, McConaughey coyly hinted, "You got to go check it out in a theater and find out, man. I did design some special pants." As far as I'm concerned, this is evidence enough.

Besides this crucial design work, McConaughey also did some field research for his role as a male strip club owner. "Channing and I met early on and went by one male revue strip club in New Orleans and I was there for about an hour, and that was enough," he said. Inexplicably, he added that his character in the film is "a combination of Clockwork Orange and Jim Morrison." With a weird teaser like that, now there's no way for me not to see this movie. As if there were ever really any doubt.