Matthew Weiner working on slacker comedy with Jack Black, Matt Dillon

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Because true creatives are versatile, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is developing a slacker/stoner comedy starring Jack Black, Matt Dillon, Renee Zellweger and possibly Rachel McAdams. If this makes you want to clutch your mother's pre-Vietnam-era pearls, buck up; the man has license to try out new genres. (Though he did have a hand in a few seasons of Becker, strangely enough.)

According to Pajiba,

It’s about about two roommates in their 30s, preoccupied with dodging the responsibilities and rigors of adult life. That is, until the sudden death of one of the men’s fathers, which makes his unstable son the new owner of a general store, a country home and millions of dollars worth of Amish farmland.

Black will play the pothead farmland heir and Dillon will play his roommate, a womanizing weatherman. Hooray! The film is called You Are Here (in the style of Dylan throwbacks and Joaquin Phoenix documentaries). Pretty vague. It sounds like a strange, far-fetched, cross-director Hangover reprisal, but l have faith in Weiner.