Mel Gibson will have a cameo in The Hangover 2

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In a display of questionable taste, Mel Gibson will have a cameo in the upcoming The Hangover 2. The disgraced actor/maniac will play a Bangkok tattoo artist in the globetrotting sequel to last year's massive hit, which itself featured a much-celebrated cameo from another controversial figure, Mike Tyson. But if there's a distinction to be drawn, Tyson's crimes were, one, long past, and two, pretty disputed at the time. By the time he appeared in The Hangover, he was mostly known for his face tattoo. By contrast, the racism and domestic violence charges against Gibson are recent, and not widely disputed since (with apparently characteristic forethought) he left his unhinged rants on his ex-girlfriend's voicemail. So giving him a chance to take your mind off his craziness by joking around on-screen with Zach Galifianakis seems… let's say "generous to a fault." The Hangover 2 is scheduled to come out in May 2011.