Midnight in Paris set to be Woody Allen’s highest grossing film ever

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A little while ago when we categorized Woody Allen films from best to worst, Midnight in Paris clocked in at number thirty-seven out of forty-one. Despite that harsh blow, the love letter to Paris is well on its way to becoming Allen's best-grossing film of all time, topping Hannah and Her Sisters's record from twenty-five years ago. Not only is it making gangbusters, but the film, starring Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson (as the requisite neurotic Allen stand-in), is on the heels of being Sony Classic Pictures' highest-grossing film since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and is appealing to a surprisingly wide audience with good reviews and word of mouth.

In a summer of Green Lantern and Thor and Transformers, it's pretty refreshing to see a movie that's simple, original, and not special-effects-driven, do well. I doubt it will change the landscape of summer films forever, but it should be a solid indicator to the indie-film divisions of major studios that the art-house scene is worth their time. Just as long as they're making movies more like Midnight in Paris, less like Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. By that I mean, they should be good, not boring.