NASA won’t let James Cameron send 3D camera to Mars

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James Cameron and a blue Avatar.

These movie-making big shots — they think they can do anything, am I right? Roman Polanski thinks it's cool to avoid criminal sentencing, Julian Schnabel thinks it's fine to wear pajamas everywhere he goes, Michael Bay thinks it's acceptable to make us pay to watch the same movie over and over. And James Cameron thought it would be okay if he sent a 3D zoom camera to Mars behind NASA's back.

And by "behind NASA's back" I mean "with NASA's express written consent" — or at least I did mean that until now. NASA has announced that it's "stopping work on the zoom camera" that Cameron was working on due to time constraints — the Mars rover Curiosity launches later this year, which is apparently too soon for someone with hundreds of millions of dollars to finish building a camera. Sigh, I guess we'll have to wait that much longer for the release of Terminator: Mars.