NASA worried you’ll think alien flick “Apollo 18” is a documentary

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Obviously NASA is silly for spending time on this — when was the last time people actually fell for a fake documentary? — but I will say this: if there is any group of people who could reasonably doubt the intelligence of the general public, it's probably NASA. (I mean, they are literal rocket scientists. I imagine/hope they are smarter than I am. I can't even keep a goldfish alive for a month, let alone people in space.)

Still! NASA does not need to spend time making sure that people realize that Apollo 18, a film that is clearly about alien parasites from the moon, is fake. (They need to spend time getting to Mars. Everyone knows that's where the actual alien parasites are.) But sadly, here we are:

"Apollo 18 is not a documentary," said Bert Ulrich, NASA's liaison for multimedia, film and television collaborations. "The film is a work of fiction, and we always knew that. We were minimally involved with this picture. We never even saw a rough cut. The idea of portraying the Apollo 18 mission as authentic is simply a marketing ploy. Perhaps a bit of a 'Blair Witch Project' strategy to generate hype."

First of all: ding ding ding, Bert Ulrich! It is exactly the Blair Witch Project strategy. Second of all: isn't that sad? Blair Witch is almost twelve years old! And yet this film is still making a strong bid for some of that "is it or isn't" buzz. Everyone knows about the internet now, Dimension Films. That game is dead.