Natalie Portman promotes NYT interview with stripping video

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Natalie Portman stripping Black Swan

Perhaps Natalie Portman doesn't regret that stripping scene in Closer after all. The big-time movie star is out promoting Black Swan and wants to make sure the year she put into ballet training does not go to waste, so maybe that's why she was willing to strip down to a sexy lingerie getup for the New York Times Magazine.

What, the magazine? Yep, the paper wants to make sure you know about their big year-end film issue: 

A.O. Scott introduces the 15 actors who defined cinema in 2010, a list that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Chloë Moretz, Vincent Cassel, James Franco, Noomi Rapace, Tilda Swinton and Natalie Portman, who’s pictured on the cover. The Magazine asked all 15 stars to adopt screen types, both in photographs and in videos. [NYT] 

I'm sure I'll post some more of these if they're any good, but let's start with the one you really wanted to see. Enjoy: