Natalie Portman shopping “raunchy” sex-comedy script she co-wrote

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Natalie Portman co-wrote a "raunchy" script for a "female-themed Superbad" with college friend Laura Moses, and is currently seeking a studio to produce it. Surprisingly, several have already turned down what seems like a pretty solid bet (with an obvious pitch-line: tiny, dainty star reveals filthy side, kind of like a feature-length "Natalie Raps"). The script, entitled BYO (that's "Bring Your Own"), follows two girls who, after struggling with love. throw a party where every female attendee brings an eligible bachelor. (Read as "jowly doctor/lawyer," I reckon.)

On the one hand, it'd be nice to see sex-comedy counterpoint to the Apatow ethos, wherein men are totally hapless and women are totally responsible. On the other hand, would anyone ever buy Natalie Portman as someone who has trouble meeting men? A real "female-themed Superbad" would probably star… well, no one you've ever heard of, because very few actresses as schlubby as Jonah Hill ever become household names. The closest we have to the female equivalent of an Apatow lead is Liz Lemon, and even she's played by a very attractive woman (just one with an admirable gusto about showing herself gorging, vomiting, bleeding from the mouth, etc.). In any case, BYO will probably find a distributor eventually, which means we'll all get to see what Natalie Portman considers "raunchy."