New CGI software can modify actors’ on-screen weight

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German programmers have released a program called MovieReshape that can modify an actor's on-screen appearance, easily altering a number of variables including height, weight, muscularity, and (perhaps needless to say), "breast girth." This could be a real problem for stunt-diet enthusiasts like Christian Bale; it could also be a boon to advertisers, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

Another potential cost-saver would be on commercials. Theobalt said instead of using several different actors for a spot shown around the world, a common practice for many products, an advertiser could shoot one and adjust their physical characteristics to suit local "standards of beauty."

That's right: with a single, click, this:

…can become this:

…to the lasting benefit of Arm & Hammer's Subcontinental divison. We live in an age of wonders.