New Die Hard to be titled A Good Day to Die Hard, studio execs reportedly pleased with their own wit

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Because those Hollywood fat cats ignored my extensive letter-writing campaign to have Die Hard 5 titled Die Hardest (presumably because the superlative implies that John McClane will finally die, which as we all know, would rend space-time asunder), details have emerged that the next entry in the Die Hard franchise will be titled A Good Day to Die Hard, which sounds like… I don't know. I can't even complete that simile. It's just… so stupid.

Anyway, the film will see John McClane travel to Russia to rescue his son, John Jr. (JJ? Please let them refer to him as JJ the whole movie) from jail and then, I don't know, there's probably terrorists or something. There's always terrorists. McClane Jr. has yet to be cast (Fingers crossed for Taylor Lautner! Go Team Jacob!), but John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Max Payne) is attached to direct, and Skip Woods, (Swordfish, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) is writing the screenplay. Ye gods.

This sounds fucking horrible. Live Free or Die Hard was both embarrassingly far-fetched and annoyingly PG-13, and the original Die Hard set an impossibly high standard for action movies that really, in my opinion, has yet to be topped. Every sequel they've done since then, despite being varying levels of entertaining, has just eroded the original's legacy.

Oh well, Bruce probably needs to buy another crate of industrial-strength scalp polish or finance another graphic novel adaption (Still waiting on Sin City 2, but somehow Surrogates got made).