Unsure of who to turn against in these trying times of ours, one brave Fox Business Network anchor has gone out on a limb to wage political war against none other than the Muppets.

With the words "Are liberals trying to brainwash your kids against capitalism?" running at the bottom of the screen, host Eric Bolling speculated that The Muppets was not, in fact, meant to be a family-friendly holiday movie about a group of internationally beloved puppets, so much as a vehicle for left-leaning anti-corporate propaganda. Citing the movie's oil-baron villain "Tex Richman" as a direct shot against capitalism, Bolling's guest Dan Gainor said, "It's amazing how far the left will go to manipulate your kids to give the anti-corporate message."

Gainor went on to explain how many kids' movies have an anti-oil-industry message (Cars 2, for instance), concluding that "liberal Hollywood" has been "using class warfare to brainwash our kids for decades." Thus, the systematic "indoctrination" that has led us to Occupy Wall Street. 

So Hollywood, take note: if you just stop making all your stupid, biased movies, everyone will finally calm down about rampant unemployment, underemployment, vanishing socio-economic mobility, and our stagnant national economy. Cut the suffering oil barons of the world a break for once!

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Commentarium (10 Comments)

Dec 05 11 - 7:02pm

While they're at it, maybe they can put out a call to burn all copies of It's A Wonderful Life.

Dec 06 11 - 12:33am


Dec 05 11 - 7:33pm

Everything other than Fox News is lies out to get you and your children, according to Fox News

Dec 05 11 - 7:39pm

They don't seem to think anyone but extreme liberals would have any kind of beef with oil companies. I wonder who Bolling and Gainor hang out with.

Dec 06 11 - 10:45am

I'd bet everyone who has a 401K is invested in those terrible oil companies.

How many people do any research on the stocks that make up the mutual funds they are buying?

People need to clean their own house before worrying about cleaning other peoples.

Dec 06 11 - 2:26pm
teabager=newneo con

OWS people are invested in 401K's? The foreclosed upon, unemployed, college students, underemployed, homeless? You are as stupid and as out of touch with reality as all the other neo cons with your unthinking assumptions. Why are Re-poop-a-con-nivers all such a bunch of dirty rat bastards? How about you clean the shit out of your brain?

Dec 06 11 - 12:02pm

In real life Monte Burns is a "jobs creator."

Dec 12 11 - 11:34pm

Yeah, Nickelodeon's "Big Green Help" is really dangerous. Before you know it, the children of republicans will be putting their milk cartons in a bin two feet away from the garbage can instead of in the garbage can!

"I thought Sesame Street was supposed to about sharing, being nice to people, but over the years they've gotten more liberal". Yeah, it's definitely the republicans I associate with sharing.

And I'm pretty sure Jason Segel doesn't hate himself so much that he thinks being rich and successful is, in and of itself, "such a bad thing". He just has a sense of humour, one that is a little more clever than those at Fox. Sarcastically calling the your opponent in a debate "professor" while she's in the middle of a point? Barney Frank looks like a muppet? Classy.

Dec 31 11 - 10:41pm

I would hate to go to the movies with the guy talking about oil and what it means, "just think about how many jobs the empire created with that death star!" My god, the muppets? you are seriously accusing the muppets of being about anti capitalist propaganda?? How far will Fox News go to appear even more stupid than we already know that they are. This is a childrens film about a man trying to tear down the muppets theater and them trying to stop it. It doesn't matter that the villain is an oil man, and never mind the fact that this movie was made by one of the biggest companies in america. The huge movie companies are obviously going to put out anti capitalist propaganda. Fox News needs to learn that their theories are utterly stupid.

Apr 30 12 - 11:28pm
your slaves

so funny how they keep cutting that woman off when she is telling the truth they dont want you to hear.corporations have taken this country over with lobbying and its disgusting. fyi there is no way anyone could become that rich in a lifetime their wealth is handed down through families and they maintain control through oil, bank, federal reserve, and military spending which is just a legal way to put our tax dollars in corporations hands through private military contracts