Here is the new Men in Black 3 trailer for you to pass judgment on

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Columbia Pictures unveiled its new trailer for Men in Black 3 this morning, and though opinion of the new movie is divided based on watching less than two minutes of footage, the franchise has nowhere to go but up, after the almost universally-acknowledged disappointment of the second installment. Barry Sonnenfeld also directed the threequel, and is seeking redemption for his last movie, RV

It looks like the Carbonizers and Neuralizers are back, but this time there's a time-travel plot (along with all that saving the world stuff) that revolves around Tommy Lee Jones' missing Agent K, and affable Will Smith's (Jay Pharoah automatically pops up in my head now) Agent J doing his Big Willy-style action-comedy best to time-jump off the Chrysler Building, go back to 1969, and meet a younger version of K played by Josh Brolin, who apparently gets the bulk of the screen time over Jones, and also apparently studied with a "gruff" coach. Will Smith's monstrous trailer, as well as a slew of script rewrites and production delays, will all be forgotten by the time the movie opens May 25.

The first two MIB movies did over a combined one-billion dollars in worldwide box office, so formula is to be expected, but if they can make the time-travel angle work, and Bill Hader's Andy Warhol isn't too corny and such, people might not end up hating this movie. Emma Thompson is introduced as Agent Oh, Alice Eve as her younger self, and Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords plays a villain, so there are some intriguing elements. The film will be released in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D formats.