Nike is releasing “Back to the Future” shoes, sadly without power laces

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Nike McFly Hyperdunks

In a great moment of life imitating art, Nike released a viral video late last night featuring a room full of "Air Mags" — real-life versions of the high-tops from Back To The Future II. CEO of Nike Tinker Hatfield revealed the shoes last night, dramatically removing them from Doc Brown’s iconic yellow plutonium case. This coincided with three new the launch of, where the sneakers are being sold for $8,200 a pair.

The eBay channel features three new videos, including a funny ad featuring Bill Hader and, of course, Christopher Lloyd as Doc. Oh, and one more thing, they actually, um… don’t have power laces. Apparently, that technology won't be available for us until 2015.

Despite the hype, this is not Nike’s first attempt at making special-edition Back To The Future shoes. There have been about six other pairs modeled after Marty McFly’s kicks. Although each one has resembled the shoe in color scheme and design, none has ever gone as far into detail as this latest pair. 

Now if we could only get Mattel to build a hoverboard.