Paramount confirms not being dumb, producing Paranormal Activity 4 next year

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You can't really talk about the Paranormal Activity movies — which, admittedly, I love with absolutely zero qualms, not least of which because they single-handedly ushered out the annoying Saw-created era of "torture porn" horror — without mentioning the insane profits they're bringing in for Paramount. The first Paranormal Activity (shot for a whopping $15,000) made over $193 million in profits back in 2009. The sequel brought in another $174 million in 2010. And the third entry last year raked in another $197 million (again, in profits). At this rate, because of the inherent low budget of these movies, you can guarantee that your foreseeable Halloween-adjacent movie-going experience will include some new entry in this series.

So, in the biggest no-brainer of the 2012 movie-release schedule outside of every other studio trying to run as far away as possible from when The Dark Knight Rises comes out, Paramount officially made their intentions known today that they're producing a fourth entry of the popular series. As far as when it'll be ready, oh, let's go out on a limb here and say it'll be released sometime around October 31st.

While Paramount isn't going into any detail about the film's contents, do they really need to? It'll be full of shakey-cam spook-house fun and continue the not-exactly-clear narrative of ghosts and witches messing with ever-extending members of a very specific Southern California bloodline. Maybe there's a long-lost aunt who happens to have her webcam set to record everything?