Parents Television Council blasts MPAA over “Blue Valentine”

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At first when you read this, you'll think, "Am I actually agreeing with the PTC on something?" But then you'll get to the actual point of their argument and think, "Oh, no, of course I'm not. Thank God." The Parents Television Council — the same group which was up in arms over the racy Glee spread in GQ* — is now taking on the MPAA after they switched the rating of Blue Valentine from NC-17 to R. As you read the group's statement, try and pinpoint the exact moment it goes from sounding like the same argument you would make against the MPAA to… the exact opposite:

The inherent flaws of the MPAA ratings system were put on full-frontal display this week with Blue Valentine…

The new rating may be correct or it may be incorrect.  We don’t know because we haven’t screened the film.  What we do know is this:  the entire integrity and legitimacy of the MPAA ratings system has been compromised.  There is no transparency; there is no consistency; and there is no accountability – unless you are a wealthy producer who can afford to hire the biggest legal guns in the nation and wage a massive PR campaign.

Still on board, right? All of those things are exactly the reasons many of us are fed up with the MPAA! Good job be reasonable for once, PTC. But then:

Weinstein Co.’s assertion that graphic violence unfairly receives a lower age rating than sex or profanity can be easily – and properly – rectified by placing a higher rating for films with graphic violence. Instead the reverse has happened, and the lowering of this film’s rating throws the baby out with the bathwater.

The entire point of the film ratings system is to protect children and guide parents as they make informed choices for their families.

And then they lose us again! But with both sides of the same argument currently cross with the MPAA, will the notoriously stubborn group finally feel the pressure to change its ways? That would be lovely… as long as they change their ways the way I want them to, of course.

*Quick question: does the Parents Television Council just get to talk about any old thing now? Because Blue Valentine is a movie and GQ is a magazine. Figure your shit out, PTC.