Patricia Clarkson honors New Orleans after the storm, Helen Mirren’s boobs

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Patricia Clarkson hot

Patricia Clarkson is 50. Think about that for a moment — the Oscar-nominated / Emmy-winning actress has only been a star for about eight years, since her first appearance on Six Feet Under. And yet, she's still getting plenty of roles, including three films set to be released this year or in early 2011, including this month's Legendary.

We love that husky voice, the faint Southern accent, the poise, her seemingly limitless charm and intelligence. Oh, and she's smoking hot.

A waiter rushes over to greet Clarkson, who dines here so often that she jokes about needing a cot in the kitchen. “What the hell do you want?” she asks, kidding. “Care for a glass of wine?” he offers. “Oh, god yes. But no. If I weren’t sick I’d love one.” Clarkson flew back yesterday from New Orleans, the city where she was born and raised, and for which she has great respect. She’s come down with a fever since returning to New York, her home for more than 25 years. “Look,” she says, “I’m not responsible for anything that comes out of my mouth today.” 

“‘I don’t know that I need to reveal all of the lurid details about my life,’ says the crazy woman who brings Coffee-Mate everywhere she goes!” Her laugh, sophisticated yet bawdy, boils back to the surface. “Seriously, though, I’m at the point where, even when I go to the bathroom, you can follow me with that recorder.”

And although she hates the term “cougar”—“never have I so wanted an animal metaphorically extinct in my life”—Clarkson refers to Will Gluck, the young director with whom she worked on this month’s Easy A, as “hot.” Catching herself, she adds, “He’s also very talented.”

“If I was asked to do a nude scene, maybe [I would],” she says. “But even at that, if Helen Mirren can get photographed naked in a bathtub, then why can’t I? Helen said, ‘You know, we’re only talking about this because I’m older,’ but I think any time a landmark actor is nude it’s worthy of discussion. It’s cool we’ve seen her breasts. I mean, they’re as fabulous as her acting!”

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