Paul Dano to play conniving megalomaniac Karl Rove in upcoming biopic

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Paul Dano, best known for playing conniving megalomaniac Eli Sunday in Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood, will soon play conniving megalomaniac Karl Rove in Richard Linklater's College Republicans, which focuses on the early relationship between Rove and fellow Republican dirty-trickster Lee Atwater. (Origin stories are so popular these days; this is kind of like X-Men: First Class, but with less-attractive mutants.)

Dano does sniveling villainy well, so he's well-suited to play the man many credit/blame as the puppetmaster for the George W. Bush administration. As for Linklater, his intellectual curiosity seems to have given his recent career a feckless quality; he hasn't really made a buzzy movie since 2006's A Scanner Darkly. (Did anyone see Me and Orson Welles?) This might be just the ambitious/zeitgeist-grabbing picture to put him back in the spotlight.