Paul Thomas Anderson shooting The Master in 65mm

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You nerds can have your Avengers. Grindhouse aficionados, feel free to count down the days until Django Unchained. And dragon-fiction obsessives, go ahead and take time away from gathering up yarn and foil for your RenFest costume to re-watch the trailer for The Hobbit over and over. For my money, there's no movie more exciting on the slate of 2012 releases than Paul Thomas Anderson's apparently thinly-veiled attack on/exploration of Scientology, The Master.

And any expectations I had for the movie to be a gorgeously-shot, dense tale of family, business, and religion in Los Angeles (essentially a sequel-of-sorts to There Will Be Blood) have just been amped up. According to PT Anderson fan site Cigarettes & Red Vines, Anderson's going to be shooting the movie in 65 millimeter film. To give you a sense of what this means, remember the amazing IMAX-enhanced action sequences in The Dark Knight and the latest Mission: Impossible? That's what we're talking about here.

No word on whether or not the entire movie will have this look, or simply focused sections as it was used in the two examples above. But seeing as nothing in Anderson's previous filmography suggests The Master is going to be full of high-flying stunts and explosive-laden set pieces, it's going to be mighty interesting to see how he's going to use the format.