Pixar fanatics buy Up house replica

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Up house

The next time you feel inclined to share how you're Pixar's number one fan, you just shut your damn mouth. Because you've got nothing on Clinton and Lynette Hamblin, who recently spent $400,000 on a Utah home modeled on Carl and Ellie's house from Up.

The couple currently reside in Petaluma, California, and had been searching for a house in the area similar to the multi-colored cottage from Up. When they heard about the Disney-approved Up home in Herriman, Utah, they decided they simply couldn't accept a cheap Cali imitation. Builder Adam Bangerter claims the blueprints for this house were based entirely on details from the film, and that much of it was custom-designed to stay true to the original. The stenciled mailbox, bright paints, and interior murals seen in the animated home can all be found in the Utah abode.

At press time, the Hamblins were sighing at the cluster of 1,000 balloons they had attached to their roof and slowly accepting the crushing disappointment of physics.