Robert Downey Jr. urges Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson

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Avengers star and thinking lady's sex symbol Robert Downey, Jr. urged Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson in a speech at the 25th annual American Cinematheque Award gala, prompting the audience to launch into a standing ovation and thinking ladies' ovaries to be all like, "Wait…. what?"

After Gibson presented an award to his longtime friend at the ceremony last Friday, Downey, Jr. told the audience how Gibson supported him during his struggles with substance abuse, posting his insurance bond when film execs declined to do so. Downey Jr. told the audience that at the time, Gibson advised him to "hug the cactus," or accept his inner demons. Alluding to the controversy over Gibson's highly publicized anti-Semitic remarks and racist leaked phone rants, Downey Jr. remarked that Gibson has "hugged the cactus for long enough." "Unless you are without sin … you should forgive him and let him work," he said.

Although Downey, Jr.'s relationship with Mel (or, as my Jewish dad ironically calls him, "Uncle Mel") is heartwarming, Gibson is not exactly a helpless victim of the brutal and unforgiving Hollywood machine. The man is sitting on an approximately $700 million fortune, so it's not like he's living in a box on Wilshire Boulevard, offering mouth sex in exchange for a role in a TV movie opposite Yasmine Bleeth. So RDJ, thanks for the advice, but something tells me that we'll be reintroducing Uncle Mel to the cactus soon enough.