Robin Williams advises Eddie Murphy to be “as many characters as possible” at Oscars

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robin williams

Steve Martin's Oscar advice to host-to-be Eddie Murphy was good and all, but it's high time we heard from a man so skilled at this gig, he only needed two co-hosts to balance his mania banter with: Robin Williams.

While promoting Happy Feet 2, Williams had this advice for Murphy.

"I say, 'Eddie, be as many characters as you can be.' Anytime he does somebody else, he kills it. If he does anything as funny as the Nutty Professor in one of those opening videos and if they let him become other people, he will destroy. He's so good, man. He's brilliant."

Now, as much as I'm hoping "become other people" refers to some kind of secret Transformer ability Murphy's been harboring all these years, it sounds like Williams is telling him to give the people the Norbit sequel that never was.

And to that, I say well done, sir.

Uncouth movie fans often cite works like Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, or even Saturday Night Live as Murphy's greatest hits, but those of us with discerning taste know he reached a comedy zenith when he first pulled on that legendary fat suit (also, when he recorded "Party All the Time"). And you know, Eddie, if you need to prep for this multi-character performance, this guy sure manages to get in a lot of voices in the space of sixty seconds.

Williams also shared that he enjoys presenting, so Brett Ratner, you know what to do: Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Mama Klump. A drag comedy battle royale for the ages.