Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell are in “Crazy Stupid Love” together

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Guess which is the "forty-something straight-laced" divorcé and which is the "handsome, thirty-something player"!

Fine, I'll just tell you: Steve Carell plays Cal, a newly single man whom the suave and confident Jacob (Gosling!) takes under his wing. Somewhere along the way, we're promised that "Jacob opens Cal’s eyes to the many options before him: flirty women, manly drinks, and a sense of style that can’t be found at Supercuts or The Gap." After a short stint as Crazy, Stupid, Love, the movie is now called Crazy. Stupid. Love.

These are all real things from Hollywood, also real.

But the movie comes from the guy responsible for the funny Bad Santa and the leniently punctuated I Love You Phillip Morris, which are both pretty solid. So hopefully Crazy; Stupid; Love! will be a lot better than it sounds? Right?