Ryan Gosling saves a woman’s life, may be a superhero

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Ryan Gosling is extremely committed to his campaign to make you love him. You want a sweetheart? He gives you The Notebook. You want a badass? He gives you Drive. You want a crack addict who still tries to make a difference in the lives of inner-city schoolchildren? He gives you Half Nelson. (But also, you probably shouldn't want a crack addict. You're just asking for trouble.) But lots of movie stars knock it out of the park in varied roles that make people swoon; that's kind of their job. Only Gosling went above and beyond our expectations for awesome movie star when, last year, he physically broke up a street fight in New York City with a minimum of fuss.

And it looks like he wasn't finished literally stepping in to prevent trouble! Because according to these tweets from journalist Laurie Penny, Gosling literally saved someone from being hit by a car last night:

You guys, is Ryan Gosling secretly Batman? Is he on his way to become an actual superhero, patrolling the streets of this fair city and stopping evil doers in their tracks/saving people from imminent harm/getting cats out of trees? It would not surprise me. But please, readers: don't go throwing yourself in front of moving vehicles for a chance to meet Ryan Gosling. I know how tempting it seems, but he can't be everywhere at once, so you'll probably regret it.