Gay guys prefer Ryan Reynolds to their boyfriends, according to Out magazine

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Well, kind of. In its first annual Sex and Love Survey, Out magazine asked its readers, "If you were to cheat, with whom would you cheat?" And it seems that it's Ryan Reynolds who plays the lead role in gay fantasies across the country. Considering that the dude's newly single, it might be time to hide yo' man?

Other than Reynolds, gay men chose Jake Gyllenhaal, Cheyenne Jackson (he plays that weird Canadian on 30 Rock; I know, right?), Ricky Martin, and James Franco as the men they'd most want to sleep with behind their boyfriends' backs.

After those gents, the list becomes a bit of a free-for-all, with answers ranging from Christopher Meloni to Meryl Streep to "the guy next door" to the Svedka fembot to everybody else you could think of. You can check out the full sex survey over at Out.