This picture of Sacha Baron Cohen riding a camel at Cannes will make your day

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Newest report on the swag blotter: Sasha Baron Cohen seen arriving at the Cannes Film Festival on a camel. The acclaimed director/actor of Borat, Bruno, and Da Ali G Show was also escorted by two female guards who, I presume, are not actually affiliated with any type of military. Lies! Scandal! Foxy ladies!

The press mobbed Baron Cohen as he attempted to keep his balance atop the large ungulate. Gosh, there's a sentence I never thought I'd write. 

The stunt was pulled in support of Cohen's new film, The Dictator, which is about the life of fictional dictator Haffaz Alladeen, and loosely based off the life of Saddam Hussein. The film, set in both the also-fictional Republic of Wadiya and good ol' NYC, pokes fun at the lavish lives that corrupt royalty across the world enjoy. Though, lest you think the film's exaggerating, I'll just leave these ridiculous fun facts about the late great Kim Jong Il right here. 

For those who haven't been glued to his antics, this isn't the first piece of rapscallionism Cohen has pulled recently. During the red carpet walk at the Oscars, Cohen dumped the "ashes of Kim Jong Il" all over Ryan Seacrest, whose reaction could only be described as "quiet fuming."