Sacha Baron Cohen to star in Freddie Mercury biopic

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There's no doubt that Sacha Baron Cohen strongly resembles Freddie Mercury, but does he have the acting chops to embody the legendary Queen frontman? (And does he have the pulmonary fortitude to overdub forty vocal parts on the soundtrack?) We'll find out soon; Cohen's just signed on to play the lead in a long-rumored Mercury biopic. The film's said to focus on Queen's early years and path to eventual total goddamn world-slaying dominance at Live Aid 1985 (seriously, watch that video), leaving Mercury's premature death from AIDS in 1991 mostly out of the picture. (Probably a good sign — any biopic that can pass over a tragic martyrdom is showing some serious restraint.) Besides being a jawdropping performer and one of Nerve's sexiest frontmen in rock history, Mercury was also a complex and very private individual, which makes him either a great subject for a nuanced film, or a great subject for a total camp disaster. We'll find out soon; the as-yet-untitled biopic goes into production next year.