Sarah Palin doesn’t want you to waste your time with the HBO movie about her

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Comfortably chatting in her second home — the set of Fox NewsSarah Palin disparaged the upcoming HBO biopic, Game Change, and its "false narrative" detailing the supposed fraying of her mental state during the 2008 elections. Though Palin has been a willing participant in self-parody (both she and Alec Baldwin have relied on the notion that appearing as oneself on SNL after having done something stupid is a magically absolving act), she now seems far less willing to humor her impersonators:

Goodness gracious…I'm really not concerned about an HBO movie based on a false narrative when there are so many things to be concerned about… I'm sorry that millions of people are going to waste their time. I'm sure they have more productive things to do.

And really, who can blame her? Watching Palin's infamous "we can actually SEE Russia from land, here in Alaska" as Julianne Moore's Emmy Moment is undeniably off-putting. Regardless of whether she intended to or not, Palin (or the version of her portrayed by Tina Fey) has become such a punch line that watching this production treat her with gravity is a buzzkill. Because in contrast to Tina Fey's method of imitation — derived from an obscure branch of method acting wherein one merely eats the character in question's favorite snacks — Julianne Moore has endeavored to "illuminate [Palin], to capture whatever [her] essence is, or to find [her] humanity." If you ask me, that's far too generous an approach. Given how dedicated Palin is to reductive, narrow-minded politics, a nuanced portrayal is more than she deserves. If she wants to be willfully ignorant in her politics, then we should remain willfully ignorant of her "subtleties."

For your viewing pleasure, the full, official trailer: