Sarah Polley's new indie film Take This Waltz premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend, and co-stars Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams are enough to create buzz on their own. But Sarah Silverman, in a supporting role as the alcoholic sister of cookbook-author Rogen, has people talking for another reason.

Silverman (to Mr. Skin's creepy delight) acted in her first nude scene on screen, a shower scene also featuring Williams and other women. The remarkable thing about it is that, instead of losing weight, Silverman gained twenty pounds for the role. Silverman said:

"I thought, what have I got to lose? It's a body. I want to at least seem to be as comfortable with my body as I'd like young girls to think I am. What, am I going to, like, worry about losing parts to Megan Fox? I'm forty. It seemed like the right thing to do."

Polley (who came on the cinematic radar with the profoundly moving The Sweet Hereafter) was after "real bodies and real women" of various sizes for her rom-dram, according to Silverman, and thus the extra "lumpiness." She said, "So I actually gained twenty pounds for the role. I wanted to be lumpier. I said, 'Wouldn't it be interesting to have a posture of a lady caveman?' I'm really happy with that."

It's admirable that Silverman could discount her vanity like that, in the service of her "art." Let's hope the movie has enough to recommend itself that it's not solely remembered for being that one flick where Silverman was naked.


Commentarium (12 Comments)

Sep 12 11 - 3:48pm

I think she looks better with a little more weight - less angular and more like a woman.

Sep 12 11 - 5:00pm

Maybe I'm just a suspicious guy, but doesn't that sound a bit like Silverman is striking pre-emptively? That is, as she notes, she's 40 (and presumably has the body of a normal, pretty 40-year-old, not that there's anything wrong with that), and that's not the age, unfortunately, where nude scenes garner rave reviews. So to head off the "inevitable" criticisms of her "lumpiness," she's gone in the other direction and added weight so that she can take the wind out of the haters' sails. I could be totally wrong; it's just a thought.

Sep 12 11 - 7:08pm

You're right, you're totally wrong.

Sep 12 11 - 7:32pm

She's very bad actress.

Sep 12 11 - 9:39pm

My problem is that when I try to watch any of her work, my eyes fall asleep. I don't fall asleep, per se, but my eyes become so bored that they refuse to turn the photon striking my retina into nerve impulses to be processed by my brain.

Sep 12 11 - 10:55pm

She looks great! She shouldn't worry about it.

Sep 12 11 - 11:10pm

I don't really care about the weight gain non-issue, I just hope that phrases like 'rom-dram' disappear from the earth entirely.

Sep 12 11 - 11:27pm

Well, I like Michelle Williams anyway

Sep 13 11 - 12:31am

That's Whats Up

Sep 13 11 - 9:48am

Sarah Silverman has always pushed the enveloped with no holds barred girl farts, it's nice to see her do something serious and be serious about representing the everyday woman.

Sep 13 11 - 1:02pm

Probably gained the weight so she's have more boob for the shower scene.

Sep 13 11 - 1:41pm

Calling this brave and remarkable is an astounding lack of insight.