Secret facts about sexy comedians revealed

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Okay, so they aren't so much secrets as they are interesting pieces of trivia that you've probably never heard before. But if you want to increase your comedy nerd know-how, check out these golden nuggets of truth put together over at HuffPo. If, like me, you're already kind of an obsessive comedy fangirl, you perhaps already knew about Demetri Martin and his fine, fine Greek hair interning for the Clinton administration, or about Aziz Ansari working as an intern at The Onion while he was at NYU. But there are still some new details to be learned — Kristen Wiig almost took a job drawing before-and-after pictures for patients deciding whether they wanted plastic surgery or not. But then she didn't. She's lived so many lives, that one.

And man, let's talk about how attractive Demetri Martin is. Did you see Taking Woodstock? It wasn't great. But Demetri Martin was a surprisingly good actor. So there's another fun fact!