See: 46 sexually compromising pics of Woody from “Toy Story”

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Woody from Toy Story.

With minimal explanation or commentary, a bevy of debauched images featuring Woody of Pixar's beloved Toy Story franchise appeared on the internet yesterday, when you were busy eating stuffing and texting your hometown friends about which bar you guys should hit up later.

While I can't say for sure, I do have a few possible explanations as to why such a collection of photos exists. The first and most obvious guess would be that this is the work of some art student looking to turn heads. There's also the chance that this is some component of Toy Story 3's campaign to win the Academy's Best Picture Award. Or maybe, just maybe, somebody was so very bored at Thanksgiving. 

Whatever the case, I've included ten of the more interesting photos in this post, and you can check out the other thirty-six here.