See: Isabella Rossellini get seduced dressed as a duck

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 Isabella Rossellini dressed as a bug

Blue Velvet actress Isabella Rossellini continues to lose it in a new sequence of short films in which she enacts the unusual mating rituals of animals, all while decked out in Gondrian get-ups. The latest Sundance Channel-produced shorts are called Seduce Me, and continue in the vein of her previous award-winning series of crazy shorts begun in 2008, Green Porno, where she explored the sexual habits of numerous creatures, such as bees, barnacles and snails.

The films, written and co-directed by Rossellini, are three minutes or less, and use paper puppets, foam film sets, and other Romper Room-ish accoutrements to teach kids (and adults?) how Nature propagates itself. It's as if Marlin Perkins of the old Wild Kingdom program had dressed up as a zebra to be attacked by a lion.

From February 11 through October 2, seven of Rossellini's films will be shown at the Natural History Museum, as part of the Sexual Nature exhibition. "The films turned out to be a wonderful experiment. We certainly didn't expect them to end up at the Natural History Museum in London," said Rossellini.