See the first photo of Andrew Garfield in his Spider-man suit

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Andrew Garfield might seem a bit scrawny to play a superhero — by today's body-builder-like standards, that is; I think he looks both fine and, you know, fiiine — but in his first official photo as Spider-man, he proves he's got the perfect look for everyone's favorite web-slinger. After all, Spider-man is supposed to be a geeky high schooler; that spider bite gave him super strength, not the body of Chris Evans:

I have to say, I'm really digging it. It doesn't have the same CGI sheen of Tobey Maguire's version, and actually looks like it might provide some protection from whatever's going to be thrown at Spidey this time around. (Of course, any kind of practicality is always undercut by the gaudiness of superhero costumes. But if you're a fan you've already inured yourself to that.)

So, what do you think? Has Mr. Garfield won you over, or are you still waiting for a trailer to make a judgment call?