Seth Rogen: My performance as The Green Hornet is based on Paris Hilton

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The Green Hornet

Seth Rogen revealed to MTV News recently that his Green Hornet character was based on hotel heiress and all-around money-making machine Paris Hilton. 

Rogen explained, "We kind of based him off a male Paris Hilton, as embarrassing as that is to say. That is what we looked at — those people who are the sons or daughters of people who have accomplished great things. We probably give them a little more credit than they've gotten in the past and we explore why they're such jerks and why they act out. Maybe it's because they didn't get the attention they wanted."

The Green Hornet character, Britt Reid, is a ne'er-do-well whose transformation into the eponymous superhero is motivated by paternal disappointment. Rogen thinks Hilton might be headed for the next phase of her "career." "She's going to become a superhero," he laughed. "I hope so."