Shocker: “Burlesque” Golden Globe nods may have been influenced by special favors

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Remember how people were shocked that Burlesque — that critically rogered star vehicle for Cher and Christina Aguilera — was nominated for a Best Comedy/Musical Golden Globe while actually entertaining comedies like Jackass 3D or Iron Man or I Love You Phillip Morris got the shaft? (A fact which, even with the low expectations we have of many award nominations, is pretty ridiculous.) Well, this could blow your mind, but it might have something to do with the lavish gifts rained down upon the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press by Sony, distributor of Burlesque!

So, what was in the goody bag? Oh, just a sponsored trip to Las Vegas to see Cher in concert. (Hey, wasn't she in a movie just recently?) Not that anyone considered the HFP to be some kind of incorruptible body, as the LA Times article supplying this factoid points out, but this is just kind of blatant and disappointing. Literally thousands and thousands of people get to see Cher perform in Vegas. She has a residency. What happened to the more romantic version of bribes — wild drug parties and casting-couch sessions with ingenues?

But the article does have another unfortunate consideration: despite all the blatant ridiculousness of the Globes, Hollywood sure cares a lot about them.