Hunger Games cast

The three stars of The Hunger Games — Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth — kicked off their tour of America's finest shopping malls on Saturday at the Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles. As you can imagine, the crowd was subdued and exceedingly polite, calmly engaging the young actors in conversations of dystopian literature and offering nuanced comparisons between Suzanne Collins' trilogy and Battle Royale.

I kid. They totally went cray.

A Q&A with the cast was scheduled for a little before 6 p.m., so naturally the line formed at 8 p.m. the day prior. (Admittedly, most of the crowd arrived at the more reasonable hour of 4 a.m. But then again, some of them were traveling from Montana.) Since the first hundred fans in line would nab wristbands to a meet-and-greet, things got cutthroat. Thankfully, no one had access to pepper spray, but there was fighting, cutting in line, and apparently feigned nosebleeds in the scuffle. The cast signing was also marked by bawling girls screaming, "I touched Liam!"

They may have been a little hysterical, but credit where credit's due: the fans had some pun-tastic homemade signs for Hutcherson, including "We loaf Peeta," "I Want Some Peeta Bread," and, my personal favorite, "You Make My Heart Go Peeta-Patter." Also of note? Jennifer Lawrence's response to the fan question, "If you could be any other character in the movie, who would you be?" She said Wes Bentley's beard, proving that she is the coolest.

With any luck, this mall tour will finally give The Hunger Games the promotion and public awareness it so desperately needs.

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Mar 05 12 - 5:17pm
Sean Morrow

If this is the way kids these days act, would The Hunger Games really be that bad of a thing?
I, for one, would love to watch say... the type of people who tweet Justin Beiber marriage proposals... fight eachother and/or genetically modified wolfmonsters.

Mar 06 12 - 12:53am

I'd root for the wolfmonsters, any day! The books were a good read and I am excited to see the adaptation. I hope Hemsworth proves he can act in this film; his other work has me anxious. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Mar 08 12 - 4:31pm
Jay and Silent Bob

As an underground chick, I've read the battle royale manga, novel, and watched the movies. I always laugh wheneverI hear praise for THG. Too bad half of these jerk-offs will never take the time to actually READ the novel to understand it rather than check out the movie trailer.

Apr 02 12 - 1:17am
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