Sony to stop paying for your free 3-D glasses

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If you've ever figured that the cost of those disposable 3-D glasses was included in your sixteen-dollar ticket for Piranha 3-D, the studios would like you to know that, in fact, they are covering for your flimsy but necessary eyewear. But Sony has released a statement saying that, starting next summer, they'll no longer be providing the glasses to the theaters for free. (Fox threatened to do this once for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Theaters threatened to only show the film in 2-D. Fox blinked first.)

But Sony, taking a cue from frustrated and sexually restless spouses everywhere, think maybe we could just be a bit more European about this whole thing, if you get what I mean. And what I mean is, you pay for the damn things:

The studio is reportedly in favor of an ownership model that would force audiences to purchase the glasses — a system that is already common in Europe and Australia. In the United Kingdom, for instance, moviegoers buy a pair of disposable 3-D glasses at the box office or concession stand for about a pound (or about $1.50). “If you already have your own pair from the last time you went to the movies, then you don’t have to spend that extra pound,” says Rick Heineman of RealD… “Or, in many cases, people are buying their own pairs of premium eyewear, whether it’s from Oakley, Polaroid, or Prada.”

The phrase "These are my Prada 3-D glasses" tastes like batteries in my mouth. Of course, Sony might just back down like Fox did, but Fox was trying to pass the bill along to the theater chains, not the audience. So you'll probably just have to start buying your own, all two times a year you see a movie in 3-D.